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Links to other websites. The page author is not responsible for the contents of those pages.

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General sites
Google Probably the best search engine in the world
www.scampers.org Home page of Filip - a good friend who lets me put my stuff on his server
Telecom/communications sites
3gpp.org Good source for telecom specifications
SMS and the PDU format Good tutorial how to implement an SMS PDU
Serial Communication with VB.Net The RS-232 wrapper by Corrado Cavalli that was used in older versions of GSMComm
CodeProject: "How To Send and Receive SMS using GSM Modem" A solution that uses the GSMComm library
IT and developer communities
Forum Nokia Nokia's developer area
Forum Nokia Discussion Boards Nokia's developer discussion forums
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Microsoft's developer area
MSDN Forums Microsoft's developer discussion forums
Experts Exchange The forum for IT Professionals and those who want to become it
CodeProject A software development community
Stack Overflow A programming Q & A site

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