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SMS libraries (for GSM phones)

Here you will find ready-to-use libraries for working with SMS messages.

You can use this software free of charge, but at your own risk.

Libraries overview

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GSM Communication Library (GSMComm)

GSMComm is my own written communication library for GSM phones, mainly for performing SMS-related tasks.
Other developers can re-use this library for their own projects.

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Download the development packages below.

Available packages

Library Version 1.22
for x86 and x64 systems (32 and 64 bit)
Library Version 1.22
NuGet package (for private repositories)
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System requirements

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Also included:

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What's new?

Version 1.22

New features:

Changes and fixes:

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If you encounter issues using GSMComm, use the following hints to investigate them:

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GSMComm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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