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Sending short messages (SMS) via GSM mobile phones


This is a website about working with GSM SMS messages. It's more software developer oriented, but also users may find useful things here.

Also check out the VMware page.


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Page news/history

May 8, 2016:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.9 released! This release contains improved support for FMOD and Wwise sound formats, adds support for games of the Saints Row series and allows developers to create their own plug-ins. View all changes
March 8, 2016:
January 5, 2014:
December 22, 2013:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.8 released! This release contains improved support for FMOD and Wwise sound formats, adds support for Star Trek Online and support for SteamPipe versions of a few Valve games. View all changes
May 12, 2013:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.7 released! This release provides support for scan ranges in the Ravioli Scanner, updated file type support and other enhancements. The system requirements also changed with this release (.NET 4.0 is now required). View all changes
November 11, 2012:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.6 released! The changes for this release include scanning support in the Ravioli Extractor, support for a few new file types and other enhancements. View all changes
December 29, 2011:
  • GSMComm 1.21 released! This release contains an important bugfix regarding communication with the phone. View all changes
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.5 released! The changes for this release include enhanced support for Nancy Drew games and changes to the Ravioli Scanner application. View all changes
September 24, 2011:
  • GSMComm 1.20 released! This release adds functionality to locate and recombine concatenated SMS messages, in general more possibilities to work with user data headers, and a few important bug fixes. View all changes
  • Updated all SMS Tools to use the latest GSMComm version. The PDU Decoder tool received additional functional enhancements.
April 29, 2011:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.4 released! This release provides improved scanning performance and support for a few formats used in Xbox 360 games. View all changes
  • Released .NET 4.0 compatible versions of the SMS Tools. They provide the same functionality as the .NET 2.0 versions.
  • Updated GSMComm FAQ.
  • Updated Links.
December 30, 2010:
  • Ravioli Game Tools 2.3 released! The changes for this release focus on adding new file types that can be detected by the scanner and new support for extracting content from Flash (*.swf) files. View all changes
December 28, 2010:
July 5, 2010:
December 27, 2009:
August 29, 2009:
  • The PCK Tools are now Ravioli Game Tools and have been updated to version 2.0.
  • Removed "The Longest Journey Extractor". Its functionality is now integrated in the Ravioli Game Tools.
  • General site cleanup, fixed various HTML errors.
  • Added NSConverter.
October 12, 2007:
  • Update for GSMComm, version 1.11. Bugfixing and minor changes.
  • Although .NET 1.1 is still supported in the current GSMComm version, I recommend to use the .NET 2.0 version of GSMComm wherever possible. If there is any key difference between both versions that forces you to keep the .NET 1.1 version, please report it.
  • Rebuilt and re-released all SMS tools using the latest GSMComm version, now for both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0. Version numbers did not change.
June 24, 2007:
  • Updated the PCK Tools to v1.2. Lots of various changes, including improved compatibility with Windows Vista and 64-bit OSs.
  • Updated the TLJ Extractor to version 2.
March 25, 2007:
January 19, 2007:
August 4, 2006:
  • Update for GSMComm, version 1.10. Bugfixing and minor changes.
  • Rebuilt and re-released all SMS tools using the latest GSMComm version. Version numbers did not change.
  • Removed "Other stuff" section
July 18, 2006:
March 12, 2006:
  • Update for GSMComm, version 1.9. Enhanced communication, SMS batch mode and PIN code input.
December 30, 2005:
  • Update for GSMComm, version 1.8. Includes initial support for the .NET Framework 2.0 and for remoting.
November 28, 2005:
  • Update for GSMComm, now version 1.7. Now better support for message notification/routing and some other changes.
  • Rebuilt and re-released all SMS tools using the latest GSMComm version. Version numbers did not change.
September 14, 2005:
  • Minor updates for GSMComm (v1.62) and the PDU Decoder (v1.1). Fixes decoding of PDUs with invalid address lengths. GSMComm also adds the possibility to get phone's battery charge and signal quality.
August 26, 2005:
August 13, 2005:
  • Minor update for SendSMS (v1.43). Now includes the possibility to change the default communication timeout.
  • New tool: PDU decoder - decodes PDU strings into readable information.
July 10, 2005:
  • Update for GSMComm (v1.61). Better Unicode support and more features in GSMComm demo.
  • Introduced Links section.
June 19, 2005:
  • Updates for GSMComm (v1.6), SendSMS (v1.42) and Social Life Saver (v1.1).
  • Removed sample source for GSMComm in the samples section, as it is included in the GSMComm development download.
May 29, 2005:
  • GSMComm now available as Windows Installer package.
  • Introduced "Other stuff" section with things not related to SMS.
May 22, 2005:
  • Bugfix for GSMComm. Version 1.51.
  • New tool: the Social Life Saver. For exporting and importing short messages and phonebook entries.
May 14, 2005
  • Minor update for the SendSMS application. Now includes possibility to request status reports. Version 1.41.
  • Update for GSMComm. Features like exporting and importing messages are now complete, and some other stuff. Version 1.5.
February 23, 2005:
  • More features for the SendSMS application. Now automatic retry, SMSC input and process synchronization is possible. Version 1.4.
  • Accompanying update for GSMComm, now also with XML documentation.
February 12, 2005:
January 14, 2005:
November 18, 2004:
November 10, 2004:
October 25, 2004:
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